— Agent Crate


Coined the 'Canva' of real estate agent tools, Agent Crate is an innovative social media and branding platform for realtors all over the nation. Allowing it's members to customize and curate content, landing pages and websites to build their own brand. The goal for this website re-design was to clearly showcase the 3 membership plans offered, while highlighting each packages features and perks. I disected each plan and created an organized, fluid experience for visitors, with the M.O. of retaining new membership sign-ups.

A subtle design studio video welcomes visitors when
they first lay their eyes on Agent Crate's site. A big + bold mission follows as users are guided through Agent Crate's comprehensive, curated plans.

Strong in visuals + information. Call-to-actions are strung along the way, giving visitors easy access to start their membership immediately.